Global Compact Network Netherlands proudly  presents the Young Professionals Program (YPP). This program is based on action-learning. It is specifically designed for future leaders that are eager to:

Embark on an exciting SDG-journey and step out of their comfort zone

Be part of a mixed team of young professionals that makes a difference

Transform from an individual contributor to a high-performing team player

Discover how to unlock game-changing potential in themselves and others

85+ young professionals from these organizations already participated


During a period of 12 months, you are working and learning in a multidisciplinary team of 8 to 12 young talented professionals coming from different organizations to work on three key learning objectives :

  • Understanding what the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are about and together with your team deliver an impactful and innovative SDG project.
  • Building and sustaining an effective multidisciplinary and cross-company team, getting insights in team building, team roles, team performance and team dynamics, understanding your own role within and contribution to the team.
  • Developing leadership skills that will contribute to become an inspiring, sensitive, innovative, effective and responsible business leader.


The YPP is primarily designed to target high-performing young talent at organizations participating in the UN Global Compact. The program is also open for top talent from non-member public and private organizations. However, there are only limited spaces for organizations that are not a member of UN Global Compact.

For the teams that are kicking-off in May 2022 we have 24 spaces available. So, if you are eager to join, don’t hesitate and apply now. We are seeking for young professionals who are:

  • Aged between 25-35
  • Based in the Netherlands
  • Have at least 3 years of professional working experience
  • Have the commitment and permission to invest at least 1 working day each month (indication is 12 to 15 days)
  • Are highly motivated and have a genuine Interest in sustainability, the SDGs, innovation and teamwork


Eleni Arsenopoulou

Eleni Arsenopoulou


“I have been honored to be part of the Young Professional Program of UN Global Compact Netherlands. This program has helped me grow both personally and professionally, as I joined a team of inspiring professionals from different companies and backgrounds with one common goal: to make a difference in the world for a more sustainable future. Starting as 10 ambitious individuals to evolving into a team where everyone is appreciated for who they truly are as well as where their voice and contribution matter has been at the core of this program, making it a valuable experience to be part of, in the journey to becoming a transformational leader who leads change!”

Yorick Schut

Yorick Schut


“Being part of the Young Professionals Program was a great experience and something I would do again in a heartbeat. This is the decade of action and being able to contribute to the Sustainability Development Goals was inspiring. Despite the challenges of COVID our group was able to deliver an exciting event to inspire other Young Professionals to take action. Next to that, being part of a very driven group helped me to grow personally and professionally. I would recommend the Young Professional Program to everyone.

Sofia Teles

Sofia Teles


“The Young Professionals Program made me really deep dive into the Sustainable Development Goals. I’ve learnt so much about the SDGs and about myself, while as well expanding my sustainability network. I feel so driven and motivated to seek the achievement of the SDGs, as a result of being part of the Program. I wouldn’t know what I was missing if I wouldn’t have joined the YPP. I feel hopeful that in this decade of action, all the young professionals participating on the YPP are going to feel as inspired as I am to make it happen!”


Jan van den Herik

Jan van den Herik

Executive Team Coach and Program Director

My purpose is to inspire business leaders to make a difference!

In my role as Executive Team Coach I am empowering and stretching future leaders to go beyond the ordinary.

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+31 (0)6 51222450

Marco Swan

Marco Swan

Program Manager

My purpose is to create a sustainable transformation together!

In my role as Program Manager I am the primary contact and I am responsible for a smooth operation of the YPP.

+31 (0)6 51146829

Linda van Beek

Linda van Beek

Executive Director

My wish is to engage as many entrepreneurs as possible with the Sustainable Development Goals.

In my role as Executive Director, I am responsible for the integration of the Young Professionals Program in Global Compact Network Netherlands.