SDG Young Leaders Network

The SDG Young Leaders Network is an SDG-focused connector of young professionals and young professionals networks, which empowers them to accelerate change in organizations and achieve the 2030 agenda.

Direct action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is needed in order for them to be achieved by 2030. Young professionals could play a key role in this, but their voices are often not heard and included in organizations’ decision making processes. This is a missed opportunity, because young professionals can bring valuable input and a new perspective in such processes from their own experiences and knowledge. This can lead to a more effective and future-proof decision making. Also, since the SDGs are about the young professionals’ future, they should have a seat at the table when it comes to decision making on the SDGs.

In the Netherlands, there are several young-professionals interested in the SDGs who do not have access to any platform through which they can engage with them. Also, there are networks, within organizations and in the civil society space, or unaffiliated young professional networks, which have a social drive, focussing, knowingly or unknowingly, on one or some of the SDGs. There is a gap here, a connection between these individual young professionals and these networks can be made, with an overall view of the 17 SDGs. This is where the SDG Young Leaders Network comes in as an umbrella organization.


Achieving the SDG agenda in this decade of action and beyond, while consistently and equally including young professionals’ voices.


  1. To become the SDG-focused connector between different young professionals and young professionals’ network
  2. To empower the young professionals to become the agents for change and to accelerate change in their organizations to achieve 2030 agenda



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Young Professional networks focussed on individual SDGs

In the Netherlands, several young professional networks focus on individual SDGs; climate, gender equality, human rights, etc. Since all these young professionals are driven by social impact, learning about the other SDGs and discovering where there are synergies between their work, could be interesting to them and further empower them to bring their respective SDGs forward.


Young Professional networks within businesses

Most organizations in the Netherlands have young professional networks in place that aim to bring young professionals within these organizations together to allow them to expand their network and learn about topics that are relevant to their industry. Tapping into these networks by offering them SDG-related content and connecting them to other young professional networks outside their organizations to learn about the SDGs, will allow these networks to become an advocate for the SDGs within their respective organizations.

Individual Young Professional

In university, the “pre-young professional” is able to do extracurricular activities based on a certain SDG impact. After graduating, this often ends, and it is on to a full time job. However, the social interest still remains. Especially for these young professionals, this missing factor can be filled by engaging in the SDG Network. It can help them to see how the SDGs can play a role for them as individuals as well as for the organizations they work for.

Bas Ooteman

Bas Ooteman

Climate Neutral Group, Klimaat en Energie Koepel (KEK)

Lievijne Neuteboom

Lievijne Neuteboom

European Banking Authority, Women in Financial Services

Orçun Ersungur

Orçun Ersungur

Invest-NL, Stichting Maruf

Yixiao Qiao

Yixiao Qiao

Philips, Chinese Engineers Network

Firas Abdulhasain

Firas Abdulhasain

Philips, #BeTheChange

Mpanzu Bamenga

Mpanzu Bamenga

Regiegroep Ongedocumenteerden Amsterdam, INCLEADERS