SDG Action Day 2020

De SDG Action Day return on 25 September – this year in a virtual setting. Under the title ‘Decade of Transformation’, we will discuss how we can accelate the sustainable transitions on the SDGs.

Day’s chairman Talitha Muusse will host a plenary conversation with people like, Feike Sijbesma, Stientje van Veldhoven and Sharon Pieksma. More quests and elements of the program will be announced in August. With more then 35 workshops spread over three rounds, we have a broader programme than ever.

The Action Day will bring various Dutch sectors together, with the aim to inspire, activate and connect. By joining forces, we can take action to accelerate specific SDGs and bring it to a next level.

We can’t ingore the Corona Crisis. The crisis makes us think about how we can make the world more resilient to major shocks, like a pandemic. The SDGs are now more important than ever to avoid another crisis and to be stronger if it does occur. This is exactly why we focus on transitions.

SDG Action Day 2020 is also an anniversary edition, with five years of Sustainable Development Goals behind us and ten more to go. Join in and gather insights, contacts and tools to really make a difference in the years of effort.

Info en tickets are now available on