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The young professionals team of Global Compact Netwerk Nederland has developed the SDG Game to support organizations in raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within their organizations. The game introduces you and your colleagues to the SDGs in a playful and interactive way to encourage action from the workplace.

The game is played in (max.) 4 teams. Together with your team, you answer various SDG-related questions to reach the finish line and win the game! While playing, you will learn more about the challenges on the road to 2030. Besides raising awareness about the goals, take time to evaluate the game with each other. What can you do? And how can you work within the company to achieve the SDGs?

Have you become excited to learn more about the SDGs and raise the awareness of your team? Then order the SDG Game now!

For more information:

The game is in English with both an English and Dutch manual.

You can order up to 100 games through the website. If you want to order more than 100 games, please contact

We thank our UN Global Compact participant and Dutch animation studio, Tiny Giants.

“The SDG Game creates awareness; The games will make the players think. It is an excellent game to start with your colleagues, to start your make your way to 2030”

Carla van de Meerakker, National Dutch service for entrepeneurs

“The SDG Game can be used for answering the ‘WHY question’, WHY are the SDGs important? Interesting questions to create urgency and start your teambuilding or CSR day!

Didi Hoezen, 2BHonest

“We used the SDG Game as part of a team building day to inform all employees about the initiatives from our CSR team and encourage them to adopt the SDGs”.

Florence Coenen – Société Générale

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